On a hot, muggy summer day, nothing is more refreshing than to relax in a nicely air-conditioned house. And with a central air conditioning (a/c) from Haley Comfort Systems, you can enjoy the benefits of a cool home in any season.

It isn’t necessary to try and shut off a room to keep it cool, nor is the light or view blocked by a window A/C unit. A central unit is placed unobtrusively outside of the house and cools every room inside the house.

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The benefits of air conditioning include a better sleeping environment, easier breathing for people with allergies and asthma, which can result in a more productive and comfortable environment to work, play, and live in.

How does a typical central air conditioning system work?

A central air conditioning unit has three major parts, a compressor, an indoor coil, and an outdoor coil. A compressor pumps a chemical coolant into the house in a liquid form. As the coolant flows through an expansion valve, the liquid is allowed to expand into a gas and it becomes very cold. This cold gas flows through the indoor coil located in the furnace.

The warm air from the house is drawn in, and the warm air passes over the cold indoor coil and is cooled. Then the cooled air is blown through the house’s duct system, thus cooling the house.

Meanwhile, the moisture in the air condenses when it comes in contact with the indoor coil; the water is collected into a drain and the humidity is removed.

As the coolant leaves the indoor coil its temperature rises because it has absorbed heat from the warm air of the house. It returns to the outside of the house and passes through the outdoor coil. A fan blows over the outdoor coil which causes the heat to be transferred into the outside atmosphere. This causes the coolant to once again return to a liquid and the cycle begins again.