What is it?

Duct cleaning is the thorough disinfecting and sanitizing of very important parts of your home comfort system and other parts of your heating and cooling system. Our highly-trained professionals will make sure there’s no dust or debris left in your system.

Preventative Measures

Even if you don’t want us to come out and clean your ducts, it’s very important that you have regular maintenance performed on your air conditioning equipment to ensure maximum comfort, restored capacity, recovered efficiency, and has a long equipment life. Maintenance is a lot cheaper than replacing parts every few years! Most manufacturer warranties require regular maintenance, so it’s best to call us!


Remove mold

Mold circulating through the air can cause terrible problems for allergy sufferers! We’ll find the source, remove it, then clean and disinfect the ducts for air quality.

Remove dust and debris

You might also have problems with your ducts when hair and dirt become trapped in them. If all your air is circulating through trapped pet hair, that’s terrible…

Increase efficiency

If you have mold and hair and debris in your ducts, your system won’t be running as well as it could. A build-up of dust and dirt on the fan blade can affect fan performance significantly.

We take care of our customers

“Steve from Haley Comfort Systems is great. He helped us select a duct cleaning level that fit our needs and was sincere in his sales approach. On the date for service he called ahead and was right on time. When a coworker was unable to stay due to a personal matter, Steve stepped up to the plate to continue to do the job without hesitation. Later another coworker arrived, Zach, and the two went without a hitch. The work we received today was top notch, complete and the job site was as clean as possible. Steve made sure I understood what I needed to do to follow up and in the future for the best results. Steve is a hard worker, stayed on task and did his best to complete this job. We are very happy with Haley’s service crew as they demand excellence and professionalism in each worker. Thanks Steve for clean ducts, good service. Will look for you again in the future!”
“We rely on Haley’s for an outstanding job every time and they have never let us down. They have done our fireplace, replaced our furnace, and added an air exchange and just recently, a new air conditioner. We feel they are very trustworthy and backup their product 100%. In our minds, they are the best.”
“Nick at Haley Comfort Systems did a great job installing our new air conditioner today. On time with appt. and great customer service. Professional, timely and friendly. Great job.”


According to the American Lung Association, 85 percent of American homeowners are not aware that pollution may be worse inside their homes than outdoors. The steps you take to improve your indoor air quality can lead to utility savings as well as long-term health benefits for you and your co-workers or loved ones.