Replacing Your HVAC System

Is it time to replace your home comfort HVAC system? There are many considerations in trying to figure out if it is time for a new furnace and/or air conditioner.

The average lifespan of a furnace or air conditioner is 15-20 years with annual maintenance performed.
If you have had numerous repairs or the current repair cost is large, replacing the unit may be more cost effective.
Units lose their efficiency as they age, especially if they are not maintained annually. If your utility costs rise without a corresponding rate increase, it may be time to replace.
If you are having trouble keeping the whole house comfortable, it could be a sign that your current system is unable to maintain your optimal temperature.
New Energy Star units can be more than 15% more efficient than your current unit.
With a new unit, you will have the full manufacturer’s warranty available should there be any problems. You can also invest in an extended warranty for complete peace-of-mind.
Convenience, programmability, remote access, temperature control, zoning, and the highest efficiencies available.
New furnaces can maintain the airflow throughout your home to circulate and clean the air you breathe.
There may be rebates available to reduce the cost on your new home comfort system.
If your current equipment qualifies and requires the replacement of the heat exchanger, due to qualifying warranty issues, you can receive a trade-in allowance when you choose to replace instead of repair.

Factors in the Life Expectancy of Heating & Cooling Equipment


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