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Haley Comfort Systems has the widest selection of finishing materials for your fireplace. We can help you on a new fireplace installation or if you would simply like to re-do the facade of your existing fireplace, we can help with that too.

Fireplace Stone Surrounds

We carry a number of different stone brands and profiles. Realstone Systems is our most popular stone that gives a more transitional feel featuring a stack stone profile. Cultured Stone is a classic traditional look that can be used on interior and exterior applications. This type of stone uses ground up stone particles that is poured into molds and dyed, giving it a realistic masonry look. If you prefer a more traditional look, but like the idea of a natural cut stone, we also offer Buechel stone products. This brand offers many different cuts of stone in a variety of colors giving you a beautiful and natural finished product.

Custom Fireplace Mantels

Custom wood mantels are a timeless way to finish off your fireplace. Haley Comfort Systems can build any mantel that you can dream up. Most commonly we see a nice sleek box mantel or an elegant crown mantel. We can finish them with any species of wood and any color of stain with custom stain matching. If a painted wood mantel is more your style, we can also paint them in any color you wish.

Metal mantels are a growing category for fireplaces. One of the most common applications that we see is a television going above the fireplace. Doing this would typically require a mantel to go between the fireplace and the TV. Fireplaces require clearances to maintain enough distance away from the mantel. Metal mantels are considered non-combustible and allow us to lower the mantel closer to the fireplace in turn, allowing for a lower TV. Haley Comfort Systems proudly offers metal mantels through Stoll Industries. There are dozens of different metal colors, finishes, and textures to choose from. We show many of these throughout our showroom for you to see. This same company also offers an elegant glass mantel in addition to their metal selection.

Magra-Hearth concrete mantels that are made to look like barn beams. Barn beams have been a very popular look on fireplaces in recent years. The trouble can be sourcing the perfect piece of wood and also installing it securely. Magra-Hearth mantels are made out of concrete but have an incredible realistic look to them. We are able to control the sizing and coloring of the mantel pieces, but also install them securely for a clean and safe finish. Check these out in our showroom to see them yourself and decide if this look is right for you.

Stone mantels are also available through our Buechel stone line. They offer numerous color options and finish options to tie in with whatever stone option you choose.

Metal & Glass Wall Finishes

If you prefer a more contemporary design, Haley Comfort Systems has awesome design options for you. Stoll Industries has branched into the fireplace finishing world. You can select from over 30 different metal finishes and even glass wall finishes. Take care of the entire wall, or incorporate this material into a portion of the fireplace wall. Stop into our showroom to see these designs finishes in person.

Custom Fireplaces Cabinets

Built-in cabinets are a classic way to finish a fireplace wall. Whether they are there for decoration or extra storage space, we can help design the best look to tie in with your home. All cabinets are done custom and are built to size to fit your home. We can finish them with any species of wood and any color of stain with custom stain matching. If a painted wood mantel is more your style, we can also paint them in any color you wish.

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Our fireplaces provide more than heat. It’s the warmth that unites. The timeless designs and furniture-quality finish set the scene for intimate memories. Fill out our form and receive a free consultation.

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