Why Yearly Air Conditioner Tune-ups are Needed

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Your home air conditioner helps to ensure that your home can stay cool on hot summer days. However, a central air unit is a complex machine and it does need maintenance from time to time. Unfortunately, most homeowners go through the summer trusting that the AC unit will continue to work without putting much thought

How to get your AC Ready for Summer

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Getting your AC Ready for Summer Close to half the average home’s energy consumption comes from heating and cooling. For homeowners that plan to run the air conditioner in the summer, it is important to make sure that the unit is ready for the heavy workload. By taking some time to prepare your AC for

How Often Should I get My Air Conditioner Serviced?

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Having an air conditioner is an important part of keeping your home comfortable during the hot summer months. For the air conditioner to work properly, you will need to perform some regular maintenance. A lack of maintenance will diminish the machine’s cooling capabilities, and it will also make the air conditioner less efficient. Many homeowners

Choosing the Right Air Conditioner

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How to Choose the Correct AC Unit When the summer temperatures start to rise, your air conditioner plays an important role in providing a comfortable home environment. Most homeowners don’t put much thought into their home cooling needs unless they need repairs or to replace their current air conditioner. If you are looking to get

A Few Simple Tips for Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

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When it comes to home maintenance, there few household chores that will offer as big a value as maintaining your air conditioner unit. To start, air conditioner maintenance helps to ensure that the machine runs as efficiently as possible, and this will save electricity. Furthermore, air conditioner maintenance can prevent breakdowns that will cost money

Tips for Choosing an Air Conditioner

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What factors go into choosing an A/C Unit Home climate control is one of the most important factors when it comes to having a comfortable living space. Being able to keep things warm in the winter and cool in the summer not only provides comfort, but it can also be beneficial to the health of

Bryant Bonus Season is Here!

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The 2016 Spring Bryant Bonus has begun! It runs April 1st to June 30th. The Bryant Bonus promotion offers you, the homeowner, a rebate for a qualifying Bryant system (furnace & AC) or a qualifying unit and control. You can save up to $1,600 on a Furnace/AC system plus choose something free from the list

Air Conditioner Checklist Before Spring

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When winter is coming to a close, you want to start thinking about your home air conditioning system. The winter can be tough on the outdoor part of the system and it is important to make sure that everything is working properly. While a full inspection from a professional is recommended at the beginning of