As summers end approaches, you may not be needing your air conditioner quite as much to stay comfortable as you did in the previous months. However it is still a great time to think about how well the system is working and if it is in need of maintenance. Even with the high temperatures of summer almost behind us, it is important that you make sure that the air conditioner is working the way that it should be and that it is providing optimal performance. Getting your home air conditioner cleaned and checked is important for getting the most out of your home cooling system, but so many people still ignore or forget to make sure that they take this critical step.

Make sure the system is working properly

The first reason that you want to get your air conditioner checked is to make sure that the machine is working the way that it should. Most people only get their a/c unit checked once every few years and that means it worked for at least 1 or 2 seasons since the last time it was inspected by a professional. That wear and tear does add up and it might need some minor repairs to keep it performing the way that it should.

Further, if there is a small problem at the beginning of the season, that you as a homeowner do not notice, it could turn into a major problem a month or two into the summer. That means that your air conditioner could breakdown in the middle of a hot day when you need it the most and the repair could be more expensive than it would have been if you had caught it sooner.

Save on energy consumption

An air conditioning unit that is lacking in regular maintenance will run less efficiently. Over time, the system and its components get dirty and this means that it will require more power to provide the same level of comfort than it would when it is clean. Even if the system is working well on a mechanical level, the lack of maintenance causes the system to work harder, which will increase your utility bills and lead to unnecessary wear and tear on the system as a whole.

Extend the life of the unit

Just like any other types of machines, an air conditioner needs regular maintenance to keep it from breaking down prematurely. As mentioned above, an air conditioner that is not cleaned regularly will work harder and this can lead to a shorter operating life. Not only that, but if your air conditioner is under warranty, failing to do the necessary maintenance could lead to a void in the warranty coverage. Your home air conditioner is expensive and the regular maintenance will make sure that you get many more summers out of this unit before you need to either pay for costly repairs or replace the unit altogether.

An air conditioner is an important component of your home comfort system and you should do everything you can to keep it working correctly. Haley Comfort offers annual inspection and cleaning services at competitive prices and putting out this small amount of money once a year will save you a lot of money in the long run.