Things to remember when building an outdoor kitchen

Having an outdoor kitchen is a great way to enjoy the outdoors while you prepare food. Outdoor kitchens can range from the relatively simple cooking area to the more elaborate setups that include many of the features of an indoor kitchen. No matter what features you want to include, there are some basic things to remember when building an outdoor kitchen.

The key to building the right outdoor kitchen for your home, just like any home building project, is developing a plan ahead of time. To start, you will need to consider what you will want your outdoor kitchen to include. For most outdoor chefs, the most critical part of their outdoor cooking area is their barbecue; think about the type of grill you want and whether you want any other cooking components to compliment the barbecue. Also, consider whether you want to have food prep areas like a counter top and whether you will need food storage for your outdoor kitchen.

Once you have figured out what functional pieces you want in your outdoor kitchen, you can plan a suitable location in your yard or on your patio. Most people would pick a location that is either off to the side of the yard or near an existing wall. The idea is to keep the cooking area away from the regular yard traffic. If you have any electrical components, try to plan for a place that is near to the outdoor electrical outlets. You will also want to consider the flooring of the cooking area. A nice flat area like an existing patio or deck will work fine. If you do not already have a patio or deck, you might want to consider having a suitable area paved for the purpose of the outdoor kitchen.

Since the parts of an outdoor kitchen will be exposed to the weather, it is important to choose materials and components that are designed for outdoor use or ones that can be easily moved indoors when they are not being used. Many appliances are rated for outdoor use so those should not be too difficult to find. When it comes to counter tops, stainless steel or wood with a waterproof finish are affordable and durable. If you are really going all-out, you could spend the money on some kind of stone counter top. When considering the weather, you might also want to think about building a canopy or cover over the cooking area. This will not only help to protect some of the equipment in the kitchen, but it will also protect you from the elements if some unexpected weather happens to appear. When it comes to building a shelter over the cooking area, you want to make sure to leave adequate room for the smoke from the grill to clear out.

If you are cooking outside, you are most likely going to want to eat outside. A basic outdoor table and chairs set will serve the purpose of providing a dining area for the outdoor kitchen. The key is to have the eating area close enough to the kitchen so that the two areas work well together, while having it far enough away from the grill so as not to overwhelm the diners with heat and smoke from the barbecue.

The style of outdoor kitchen that you build will largely be dependent on a few factors. A few more things to remember when building an outdoor kitchen are the style of outdoor cooking you are intending on doing, the amount of yard space you have and your budget. With the right amount of planning, any homeowner can build an outdoor kitchen that will suit their needs and stand up to the rigors of outdoor cooking.