Using an indoor boiler or outdoor boiler is a great way to heat your home and do your part to help out the environment. A boiler is basically an enclosed container with water inside it. The water inside is heated and the resulting vapor is used in heating as it exits the boiler.

Often, when one envisions a boiler, they think of the historical wrought-iron boiler. In fact, boilers today are most commonly made from steel or copper. Most boilers still use wood as fuel, although some are fueled by coal or natural gas.

There are many advantages of using an indoor or outdoor boiler to heat your home. Boilers are popular because they are inexpensive. Using a boiler as an alternative energy source is one of the best ways to slash heating bills because they are efficient usually fueled by wood, an inexpensive and renewable source of fuel.

Not only are boilers more affordable than other heating systems, they are also safer, more reliable and much more durable, only requiring minimal maintenance. In addition to all these positive attributes, boilers are very environmentally friendly-they use less energy than other heaters and never release toxic creosote and smoke.

Both indoor and outdoor boilers are good choices, but sometimes circumstances will dictate which type you decide to invest in. Some families prefer their boiler to be located outside, because fuel for an indoor boiler must be brought inside the home. And outdoor boilers are relatively large units, so homes with smaller yards may opt for an indoor boiler.

Whether you decide to use an indoor or an outdoor boiler, you can feel good about choosing a heating system that is environmentally friendly, efficient and affordable.