Pellet Stoves – Rochester Minnesota

The interest in using pellet stoves has recently been on the rise. With the cost of home heating going up, many homeowners are searching for alternative heat sources that can help to reduce their monthly expenses. Due to their efficiency and effectiveness, pellet stoves have started to become a popular alternative to central heating and traditional wood burning stoves.

One of the reasons that pellets stoves have started to become more popular is due to the fact that they are particularly easy to operate. A pellet stove is actually a mechanized heating system that does much of the work for you. About every 12-24 hours, the user will need to put pellets into the hopper; from the hopper the stove delivers pellets to the burn chamber in order to produce heat. Unlike a wood burning stove, you don’t have to chop wood, build the fire or manage the size of the fire.

Once the stove is installed, it is also very inexpensive to operate. The pellets are fairly cheap and they last a long time. How much an individual homeowner will actually save by using a pellet stove will vary depending on the model that they buy and factors that will be unique to each house, but it is estimated that you can operate a pellet stove for about 2-days on less than $5 worth of pellets.

Pellet stoves are also environmentally friendly. They don’t pollute the air in the same way that a wood burning stove does and, like a wood burning stove, the fuel used in a pellet stove is renewable. However, the fuel for a pellet stove is even more environmentally friendly than that of a wood burner. In a wood burning stove, wood is being chopped just for the purpose of burning, but the pellets are made from parts of the tree that would have previously gone to waste. The pellets are made of the byproducts left over from sawmills like wood shavings and branches.

The design of a pellet stove also helps to make them exceptionally safe. A pellet stove uses fans and air circulation to manage the distribution of heat, whereas a wood burner simply heats by producing an extreme amount of heat. Between the controlled burn of the pellets and the low residual heat, pellet stoves are much safer than wood burning stoves.

Pellets stoves are a great value for any homeowner who is trying to reduce their heating expenses. Not only will they be doing something to save them and their family money, but it can also help to reduce the impact that you have on the environment. Between being environmentally sound, inexpensive to operate and easy to use, pellet stoves are quickly becoming one of the most popular alternative heating solutions.