If you own a fireplace, then fireplace safety should be one of your top concerns. With a gas fireplace, you are getting a fire that is safer, but there are still precautions that come will all types of gas fireplaces. To make sure that your fireplace not only works well, but that it also stays safe, homeowners are going to want to take several safety precautions.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

All gas fireplaces are made in a way that prevents the buildup of carbon monoxide in the home, but there is still the possibility that there could be a problem. Every home should have a carbon monoxide detector on each floor even if there is no fireplace, but with a gas fireplace, you have an additional reason to take this safety precaution. If your home does not have carbon monoxide detectors, get them installed and if you do have them, then you want to make sure that they are working properly and keep an eye on the battery life.

Give the Fireplace Proper Clearance

One mistake that many gas fireplace owners make is to place objects too close to the fireplace. People don’t just install these fireplaces for their heat, but they also have ideas about how they look and the way that the fireplace can fit in with the home décor, and this can lead many people to leave items that could be a fire hazard near the fireplace. You want to leave about three feet of clearance between a gas fireplace and any item that could potentially burn or suffer heat damage.

Yearly Cleaning and Inspection

When it starts getting to the time of year where you will be using the gas fireplace more, a yearly inspection and cleaning is in order. A professional service can come in once a year to ensure that the fireplace is completely clean and that all of the components are working properly. A professional service tech can make sure that the vents are clean in a vented model, that all of the gas lines are completely safe and they can check the different sensors and safety components to ensure that they are all working in the way that they should.

A gas fireplace can be a really good value upgrade for any home. They look nice, they offer economical heating and there is something about the way that a fire can add a certain feel to a room. As long as they are installed properly, the safety with a gas fireplace is a very minimal concern. That being said, you do need to follow some basic guidelines for safety and avoid operating the fireplace in a way that could be hazardous.