Historically fireplaces are associated with warmth, family gatherings, and displaying family heirlooms. Selecting a fireplace is not an easy task for many homeowners. Personal preference in color, style, and materials vary with each individual homeowner. It may seem cheaper to select a ready made fireplace mantel, however selecting a custom fireplace mantel for the home is an investment. The resale value of a home can be influenced by the presence of a custom fireplace mantle. It is important to work with a company that is experienced in providing great resources to help you design the best fireplace mantle for your living area.

Selecting the materials for your fireplace mantel may bring you closer to understand more than you wanted to learn about natural materials. These quality finishing materials include stone, marble, and wood. After deciding on your custom order with handcrafted mantles and cabinetry, the operating system can then be selected. Fireplaces can be electric, gas, wood pellet or wood burning. Run your fireplace during winter months to save money on heating costs.

Stay in on Friday night and have a romantic evening in front of the fireplace. Watch the flames dance with your spouse, or on nights when you are alone curl up with a good book, or write in your journal.

Fireplaces and mantels from Haley comfort systems can be purchased worry free. During installation our professional team will install your custom mantel and selected fireplace and ensure that all is fully operational. We offer a lifetime parts and labor warranty for the original owner of the fireplace and mantle. If you want to relax and unwind after a hard day of work in front of your fireplace, order your custom fireplace mantle today. Select the custom materials that will compliment the surrounding area in your home or office. Contact us to upgrade your environment today.