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You’ve done your research and decided to forge ahead with remodeling your fireplace. Or maybe you simply have a vision and a few screenshots of fireplaces you’ve seen and saved on Pinterest. Whether you’re a design-savvy DIYer or overwhelmed by all the options, your next step should be to contact a licensed hearth dealer for a consultation.


Here are six reasons why it’s important to talk to an expert.

1. Safety
While projects like installing your own electric fireplace are weekend warrior jobs, a fireplace remodel is not the time to go it alone. Hearth products are “very safe if you do it correctly,” says Nicole Haley, sales and marketing manager at Haley Comfort Systems in Rochester, Minnesota. But as with any time you’re working with flames, venting, gas and electricity, “it’s very important to have someone who is highly qualified.

Tim Rethlake, vice president of trade marketing and sales training for Hearth & Home Technologies (Heat & Glo’s parent company) suggests thinking about a gas fireplace just like you would a furnace or any other gas appliance. “There’s certain times that you want to do business with a professional expert—and putting a fire in your house on purpose is one of those times.”

2. Nitty gritty details
Tasks like calculating the right heat output for your space is not always as straightforward as square footage and BTUs. An expert will ask the right questions to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want.

Rethlake brings up a factor that homeowners may miss: Do you entertain often? Beyond climate and preferences, the number of guests piling into your great room for game night, or into the family room for football, will affect the heat needed for the space. A pro will go over fireplace size and heat management solutions to ensure “you’re not roasting the eight or 10 people that are visiting.”

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