A fireplace can add a wonderful ambiance to your home, as well as providing an additional heat source. The sight and sound of a fire adds a cozy feel to a living room or other gathering area.

It’s possible, too, to have the warmth and feel of a fireplace without the maintenance and mess of burning wood. Gas and electric alternatives can give you the look and atmosphere of a fire with less fuss.

A traditional wood burning fireplace provides a distinctive sound and smell for your house which some people can’t do without. Wood burning fireplaces also tend to be less expensive and easier to install than gas or electric alternatives. Today’s fireplaces offer high efficiency and even cleaner burning alternatives to meet your needs.

Gas fireplaces provide the ambiance of a real flame without the smell or mess of real wood. They can also produce a reliable heat source that will work even without electricity, helping you and your family stay warm during power outages.

If you just want the look of a fireplace and aren’t concerned about heating, an electric fireplace might be just right. Electric options provide realistic, 3D flames and the homey look of a fire any time, without fuss, mess, or bother. Enjoy dancing flames even in the summer with an electric fireplace.

Haley Comfort Systems can custom-build exactly the right fireplace for you. Whether you prefer the traditional sound and smell of a wood burning fireplace, or prefer a less labor intensive gas or electric model, Haley can provide a fireplace installation that will complement your existing decor.

Haley Comfort Systems also provides custom stone work for your hearth and mantel areas, as well as custom designed wooden cabinetry and mantels, to give you exactly the fireplace you want.