For outdoor get-togethers, there is nothing quite like a fire pit. It can provide warmth when the night starts to get a little chilly, it can be great for a variety of cooking purposes and a crackling fire adds a nice touch to the ambiance of the yard. With that being said, one of the most important parts of having a fire pit is using it safely. For a good time outdoors with a nice fire, it will be necessary to know a few of the keys to fire pit safety.

One of the fundamental keys to fire pit safety is selecting the right location in your yard to set it up. You want to select an area that is open enough to provide airflow to the fire. You also want to select a location that is not to close to your house or anything else that can possibly catch fire. Set the fire pit up in a location that is at least 10 feet from your house or anything else that could potentially burn. The right location can go a long way toward having a good fire that is also safe.

When it comes to having any chairs or furniture near the fire pit, it is recommended that you keep the furniture at least three feet away from the fire. A fire pit can produce a significant amount of heat, potentially enough to melt certain kinds of plastic or rubber. Furthermore, wind can blow sparks and embers around that could potentially catch a piece of wood furniture on fire.

The kind of fuel you use for your fire is also an important key to fire pit safety. It should go without saying, but you do not want to burn plastic, rubber, wet grass, or wood that has been painted or treated. You want to fuel your fire with charcoal or a wood that has been sufficiently dried. Wood that has not had enough time to dry will not burn as clean and the moisture in the wood can cause pressure to build which can result in sparks coming out of the fire pit.

Another one of the keys to fire pit safety is starting and building your fire safely. Do not use lighter fluid or gasoline to start a fire pit. Lighter fluid and gasoline can be dangerous and unpredictable when they come into contact with fire. Start the fire by using some kindling and build the fire up from there. With a base of some small and medium sized sticks, you can use a small amount of paper to build a workable starter fire. It might not build a roaring fire in a matter of seconds, but it also won’t blowup in your face and take half of your hair with it.

The last few tips for fire pit safety are on the issue of putting the fire out. When you are finished at the fire pit for the night, make sure that the fire has been completely extinguished. Further, it would be wise to keep a fire extinguisher handy in case of an emergency. With a well-built setup and the proper safety precautions, a fire pit can be a great addition to any yard.