The vast majority of the population of the US resides in the temperate zone. This has resulted in the development and proliferation of combined heating and cooling systems as an integrated solution. More and more newer homes are installing hybrid heater and air-conditioners as modular systems, with mix-and-match components to custom design an ideal climate-controlled environment.

In the past, it was considered sufficient to simply control the temperature in the home – as long as a house was mostly warm in cold weather, and tolerably cool in warm weather, it was considered by most people as “close enough.” Today, it’s not unreasonable to expect a climate control system to regulate temperature, increasing or lowering humidity, supply fresh air ventilation and provide air purification with germicidal bacterial and mold filtering which works in conjunction with existing heating and cooling, such as fireplaces and patio or deck breezeways.

Today’s technology has made air-conditioning and heating much more affordable, both in initial installation capital outlay and on-going annual costs. Most modern systems can be reasonably expected to perform 20 years or longer during their effective service life. This lowers the annual rate on return on investment to levels approaching the cost of running an older system with its significantly higher annual operating costs for utilities.

Green and environment eco-friendly technologies of the past several years have increased efficiency of component parts and lowered the amount of electrical and petrochemical overhead expenditures. Cost savings may also be realized in the form of rebates or tax incentives for installation of qualifying green technologies.

A premier example of the “plug-and-play” modular concept is the Bryant Evolution climate control system. Haley Comfort Systems also provides information about the Plus 95s with PerfectSense™ Perfect Humidity™.

As with every major appliance purchase, consultation with licensed, certified and knowledgeable experts with a well-established reputation is strongly recommended. The new breed of climate control devices is not a Do It Yourself project, it requires specialized tools and expertise only a professional can provide.