Home fireplaces provide a warm and cozy place to gather around during chilly weather. There are many types of fireplaces today which suit every need. Wood fireplaces, gas fireplaces, and electric fireplaces are all different options. Haley Comfort Systems can even make custom designed fireplace mantels and cabinetry.

A blazing orange fire in a wood burning fireplace is a comforting place to curl up in front of and grab a book. The wood fireplaces burn actual wood and produce those wonderful smells of a burning wood fire. Some people really love to tend to a wood burning fireplace, and have the time and patience to clean up the ash and residue left behind by the fire. There are many types of wood fireplaces and mantles to choose from with Haley Comfort Systems.

Haley Comfort Systems also have gas burning fireplaces for those who do not want to burn real logs. The fireplace mantels come in many different styles to suit the design of any home or space. The inside of the gas fireplaces create the look of a fire by producing a gas flame which dances through a heat resistant log set which are made to look like authentic logs. The embers of the fire glow with the use of LED lights, and the accent lights inside the fireplace add additional ambiance.

Haley Comfort Systems also offers completely electric fireplaces which are simply plugged into the wall to create an LED light flickering fire emerging from realistic looking logs and embers. The fireplace also produces adjustable heat just like a regular fire, but no actual fire is produced, which is ideal for homes with children.