Why Invest in an Electric Fireplace?

You’ll find a lot of people that like the idea of having a fireplace in the home. The added heat is one obvious reason that some people may want a fireplace, but there is also something to be said for the sort of atmosphere that a fireplace can create.

In the modern day, we now have choices for the type of fireplace that we want. We can go with the traditional wood-burning fireplaces or we can choose models that burn natural gas. As an alternative to fireplaces that create a real flame, many homeowners are starting to see the advantages of installing an electric fireplace.

More Cost Effective

One of the reasons that many homeowners will choose to go with an electric fireplace is because you can get more for your money. You do have models that range in price, but in general, an electric fireplace is going to cost less than a gas fireplace.
Beyond just the initial cost of buying and installing the fireplace, electric models tend to be more cost effective to run. Even with the heat turned all the way up, an electric fireplace is likely to cost you less to operate.

Easier to Install

Electric fireplaces are also easier to install. This cuts the upfront cost of getting a fireplace, and it also provides the user with more options. Without the need for a gas line or vents, you will have more options for placing it around the home. An electric fireplace just needs the electricity to power the unit and it is ready to go.
With the models that don’t get installed in a wall, you can also move the fireplace to different rooms with no problems. They are also very easy to remove and you can take them with you when you move.

Easier to Maintain

Since an electric fireplace does not create a real flame, they are much easier to maintain. A gas fireplace might require less maintenance than a fireplace that burns wood, but an electric fireplace is even easier to maintain than a unit that has a gas flame. Even if you go with gas, you still need to clean the fireplace and you should get annual inspections.

Increased Safety

Both wood-burning and gas fireplaces come with all sorts of risks. You can significantly reduce these risks by maintaining the fireplace and following some best practices, but there is no way to eliminate all of potential for risk that comes with a real fire. With an electric fireplace, you don’t have the same risk that can come with having an actual fire burning in your home.

More Control

An electric fireplace will offer a little more control over the experience. With many units, you can control the height of the flames, and you also have a thermostat for controlling the heat. Gas fireplaces do come with controls that can affect the heat output, but an electric model will usually offer a finer degree of control for the user.

It’s not to say that electric fireplaces are better than fireplaces that use wood or gas, it is all a matter of the preferences and needs of the individual. However, these units tend to be the most convenient and cost effective, and for many buyers, that makes them the right option.