Why Install a Gas Fireplace or Insert?

A fireplace can add some real value to a home. They look great and people love the feel of a nice fire on a cold day. The traditional wood-burning fireplace can be a good option, but there are several drawbacks that can make them less attractive.

As an alternative, many homeowners will like the idea of buying a gas fireplace. They come with many of the benefits of a wood-burning fireplace, but they also have a variety of advantages that can make them a better option.

Easy to use

If you are looking for a fireplace that is less of a hassle, then gas is definitely a better option than wood. With a gas fireplace, starting the fire is as easy as pushing a button, and many of the newer models will also have a remote. That means no chopping or storing wood, and you don’t have go through the trouble of building a fire.

Alternative heating

A gas fireplace can be an alternative heat source in the winter. These units can produce a significant amount of heat and you can control the output of heat much easier than you would be able to with a wood-burning fire. It can be used to supplement the heat that you get from your furnace, and it can also be a good backup source of heat if the power goes out.

Easy to maintain

One of the main reasons that people don’t go with a wood fireplace is all of the maintenance that comes with using one. With a gas unit, you don’t have the buildup of creosote that will need to be cleaned and you do not have to worry about cleaning ashes out of the firebox after every use. With a gas fireplace, you can just give the unit a yearly cleaning and inspection, and that should be enough to ensure safe operation.


Safety is another issue that will cause many to avoid getting a wood-burning fireplace. With real wood burning in the fireplace, you have the potential for sparks and embers coming off the fire. While gas units do need to be maintained, and there are some safety practices that will need to be followed, the risk of fire is significantly lower with a controlled fire that is produced by gas.

Easier to install

Gas fireplaces are also easier to install than wood-burning fireplaces. Instead of needing a full chimney to vent the smoke and combustion gases, a fireplace that burns natural gas only needs a vent that goes to the outside of the house. You even have options for vent-free gas fireplaces, or if you want to replace an existing wood fireplace, you could look into getting a gas insert.

If you want a real fire without all of the hassle that comes with burning wood, a gas fireplace is the way to go. You have a lot of options for different design styles and the easier installation means that you will have more options for where it can go in the home.