What is HVAC?

HVAC actually stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Now days, the purpose of an HVAC system is to control the indoor environment of your home by providing thermal comfort and acceptable, high indoor air quality. Take a look at the air purifiers and furnace humidifiers we offer with our Bryant HVAC systems that do just that!

Before the initial creation of what is now known as an HVAC system, the 3 different elements of the system (Furnaces, Ventilation and Air Conditioners) were usually controlled through three or more devices or thermostats. What we mean is that they were never really worked in conjunction with one another. Usually, people owned an oil furnace and a window ac unit to heat and cool their home.

What Does the “V” Stand for in HVAC?

The “V” in HVAC represents the ventilation or ventilating of your home. This is simply the process of exchanging or replacing air in your home or office building to provide high indoor air quality. Here are some things that all play in roll in doing just that:

  • temperature control
  • oxygen replenishment
  • removal of moisture
  • removal of odors
  • removal of smoke
  • removal of heat
  • removal of dust
  • removal of airborne bacteria
  • removal of carbon dioxide and other gases

Ventilation not only includes the exchange of air to the outside but also the circulation of air within your home or office building. It is one of the most important factors for maintaining acceptable indoor air quality!

HVAC Installation in Rochester, MN

As one of the largest Bryant Authorized Dealers in Southeast MN, Haley Comfort Systems of Rochester Minnesota is proud to offer you Bryant HVAC systems which are among the most efficient and reliable systems on the market today. Bryant Furnaces & Air Conditioners have recently been rated “Most Reliable” by Consumer Reports.

Looking to get your HVAC system installed quickly and correctly? The Haley Comfort installers and technicians are all NATE-certified and factory trained to do just that. Our technicians will always be up front and honest about what they are doing and what to expect throughout their visit to your home.

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