There truly is nothing like the taste of smoked meats. Hot smoking cooks the meat while at the same time infusing flavor while cold smoking adds flavor to enjoy later! For either of these scenarios, having a good and reliable smoker is a must! The graphic below from Tasty Meat, explains a few different reasons as to what sets smoked meats apart and why you may need to purchase your own smoker.

If you have experienced the different tastes that a great smoker can infuse into brisket or wings, then you already get what we are saying here! But smoking truly does not just add flavor, it also keeps your meat nice and tender and even aids in preserving the meat so it lasts if you are looking to age it. Of course, when looking for the right smoker it is not as easy as just running out to a store and buying whatever is available. You will want to compare different smokers and carefully look at all of your options.

We are hoping that the graphic below will help you get started! We are also confident that you will find a smoker that works for you in our line of Louisiana Grills and Smokers! Most of these grills are 8 in 1 grills. Meaning you can sear, BBQ, smoke, grill, roast, bake, braise, and even char-grill. Anything you want to do with your meat, these grills can handle it. There are plenty of sizes to choose from each offering a bit more depending on how serious you are about grilling and smoking your meat!

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