The 21st century is going “green”. Vehicle emissions are getting most of the press, but commercial buildings are also being scrutinized as a persistent energy drain with outdated or inadequate heating and air conditioning systems.

HVAC emissions are only half the story. The persistent economic downturn that’s tightened every belt has forced radical changes in how we do business. Everybody is being squeezed to do more with less. That heating and air conditioning system that’s running 24/7, 365 days a year can be a problem for some commercial businesses.

The answer? Going green with 21st century commercial HVAC systems for your business. Some of this technology is so advanced it’s being used in space shuttles and nuclear submarines. Thermal analysis and energy estimating computer modeling, VoIP and PoE computerized control adjustments, and individually controlled “quiet systems” are eliminating emissions and saving serious money.

It is possible to save 50% in heating and air conditioning expenses. Which is why the federal government is offering a tax deduction of up to $1.80 per square foot for existing commercial buildings or up to $.60 per square foot for some building systems. Commercial buildings are a long-term investment. There is more concern for the life cycle cost of an HVAC system as there is for upfront costs.

But it doesn’t have to be costly to upgrade. Haley Comfort Systems has the answers. In business nearly 20 years, Haley Comfort Systems is at the cutting edge of the ever-changing HVAC technology. While keeping new install or upgrade costs in check, Haley Comfort Systems ensures that commercial building owners get a profitable return on the initial investment with long-term cost savings.

Is there change on the horizon? You bet there is. And Haley Comfort Systems is there to meet the challenge.