Whether you are building a new home or looking to replace your old furnace, you should account for a few factors when selecting a new home furnace. Both gas and electric furnaces are effective at providing heat, but there are some differences between them. When a homeowner is looking into buying a new furnace they need to consider more than just the purchase price of the heater itself. Factors like the region in which you live and the resources available in your neighborhood can be points of significance when you are deciding which type of furnace is right for your home.

Initial investment

One factor that is a clear upside for electric furnaces is the fact that they tend to be less expensive to purchase. Add that to the fact that they are also typically less expensive to install and it can make for a significantly lower initial investment to choose an electric furnace over one that is fueled by gas.

Operating expenses

Natural gas and propane are more energy efficient fuels when it comes to heating. When you consider the efficiency and the low price of gas, it is clear that a gas furnace is considerably more cost efficient to operate.

Maintenance and lifespan

For the most part electric furnaces tend to have less maintenance problems over their lifespan. Furthermore, the maintenance problems that they may have tend to be less costly to repair. Electric heaters typically have a longer lifespan than gas furnaces. Many electric furnaces can boast a service life that is twice that of their gas counterparts.

Quality of heating

A gas furnace can provide heat as soon as it is turned on, and start distributing that heat immediately. With an electric furnace, the homeowner needs to wait while the heater gets warm before it can start the process of heat distribution. Gas furnaces also tend to have the ability to provide heat of a greater temperature than an electric furnace. When comparing the functional ability to heat a home, gas heaters tend to get the job done better.


Even if the homeowner would like to use a gas furnace, there may be one factor stopping them no matter what they want. Some areas don’t have gas service, if you live in a place where gas is not available, that eliminates the possibility of getting a gas furnace.

In the end when it comes to selecting a furnace there is not a one size fits all solution and purchasing the right one for your situation will depend on how these different factors apply to you. If you live in a warmer part of the country where the need for heating is less common and less severe, an electric furnace will probably suit your needs and save you a considerably amount of money between the purchase price and installation. If you live in a colder region, a gas heater is most likely the way to go. It may cost more to purchase and install, but the money you will save on the operating costs will more than make up for it.