Summer energy saving tips

As summer starts and the days begin to get a little hotter, your home energy concerns will begin to change. The appliances and the products that you use will begin to change and you will develop a different pattern of consumption. The change of scenery can be nice in the summer, but a responsible homeowner will take steps to adjust to these new concerns. Taking some measures to reduce energy consumption will be good for your wallet and it will be good for the environment.

Use your windows

In the summer, the temperatures may get hot from time to time, but most days will have a comfortable outdoor temperature. Opening your windows and creating a cross breeze is a much more cost effective way to stay cool rather than turning on the air conditioner.
Additionally, your windows can be a good source of light. During the day, you can avoid using artificial lighting and use your windows or possibly a skylight to keep the home lit.

Get your air conditioner serviced

Springtime may have the occasional day where the air conditioner is needed, but in the summer you will most likely use it on a regular basis. Get your annual maintenance done before the heat really sets in and you can make sure that your air conditioner is clean and ready to provide efficient cooling for your home.

Use a fan

A ceiling fan or a standing fan can be a good way to keep cool without your air conditioner. The days where the temperature is not as high, having a fan running can keep things cool and lower your energy consumption. Not only that, but a fan can also make your air conditioner more effective. A fan will make you feel cooler and it can also help to distribute the cool air throughout the home.

Adjust the thermostat

How you set your thermostat can make a major difference in your utility bills. Make sure that it is set to an appropriate temperature for the season and take a moment to set the temperature a few degrees higher at times when nobody is home. Installing a programmable thermostat can be a great way to manage your home heating and cooling system without having to remember to adjust the setting every time you leave or return to your home.

Check for air leaks

The spring and beginning of summer are also a great time to check for air leaks. Check the areas around the home where leaks may be common and use caulk or insulation to stop the unwanted airflow. Check around windows, doors, a fireplace and places like the basement or attic. In addition to this, you also want to make sure that all of the ducts and vents are properly sealed and insulated. This task does not take much time and it can help to save money while reducing consumption.

For the most part, you can take some steps that will offer good energy savings without having to make any serious investments of time or money. Many of these tips are things that you can work into your daily routine or make a part of your summer-cleaning. You work hard to make your money, so it makes perfect sense to put a small amount of effort into keeping some of it in your pocket.