Liquid propane has hit an all time high in price. Haley Comfort Systems can help you cut your monthly liquid propane costs through a variety of green and cost effective alternative fuel choices. Take a look below to find out a few of the ways we can help:

Pellet Stoves

Haley Comfort has an expansive collection of cost effective and environmentally friendly pellet stoves from Harman. Pellet stoves can heat your home using a variety of biomass fuels such as wheat and grass pellets or even corn and sunflower seeds. These propane alternatives are a great choice for not only cutting fuel costs but also providing a renewable source of energy.

Use the Pellet Fuel Calculator link below to find out how much you could save every year by adding a pellet stove to your home.

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Wood Stoves

Another option for decreases your monthly propane costs is by adding a wood burning stove. Similar to pellet stoves, wood stoves rely on renewable energy sources to provide both warmth and cost savings. Wood stoves are easy to operate and provide a great centerpiece for any room. At Haley Comfort we provide a variety of customization options such as custom hearth pads and stone walls.

Geothermal Heating

Geothermal heating and cooling systems can cut up to 70% off your monthly energy bill. Our Bosch Geothermal systems use the earth below your home to decrease the costs of both heating and cooling your home. Our IGSHPA-certified installers have installed hundreds of geothermal systems for customers throughout Minnesota since we began offering the service in 1996.

With average life expediencies of over 50 years, geothermal systems are a great investments. Factor in the available tax incentives, current rebates, and substantial energy savings and your geothermal system can pay for itself within 5 years!

To get started with your energy savings visit one of our two showrooms in Rochester or Hastings, MN today!