With Haley Comfort Systems, you will never have to wait long to have air conditioning installed in your home. In the summer’s sweltering heat, it can be dangerous to be in the home without air conditioning. Moving around and performing daily tasks in the extreme heat of summer can cause dehydration, which is very bad for health. In the house during the summer, it should be possible to do routine tasks and chores without becoming exhausted due to the severity of the heat. One way to keep everyone healthy and comfortable during the summer is to install an air conditioning system from Haley Comfort Systems.

The quality of the air in the home is just as important as the airs temperature, which is why Haley Comfort Systems offers complete air quality control systems.

Throughout the seasons, pollen makes its way through the vents and windows in the home and sticks to carpets and draperies. Animals leave their pet dander all around the house, which can disturb people with allergies. Haley Comfort Systems Air Cleaners filter these allergens better than the typical furnace filter. Recovery Ventilators are also used, which cools and brings in new air from the outdoors, so fresh air is always being circulated through the house rather than recycled air. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers help control the moisture levels in the home. Humidifiers can help to improve the health during sickness, and not only add moisture to the air, but can add moisture to the skin. Dehumidifiers are great to add to rooms with too much moisture such as the bathroom. HVAC system coils can collect germs and bacteria, and UV lights help eradicate them, leaving you with a cool and healthy indoor air quality.