Buying an outdoor fireplace can be a complicated decision. With a variety of different styles, sizes and materials to choose from, the consumer may find it difficult to know which options will best suit their needs. If you are looking into purchasing an outdoor fireplace there are a few points to consider that can help to make the decision a little easier.

Outdoor Fireplace designs

Two common designs for outdoor fireplaces are the chiminea and the fire pit. A chiminea is basically an enclosed fireplace with a mouth in the front and a chimney on top. The open front combined with the chimney not only provides proper airflow to the fire, but it helps to channel the smoke away from people that may be near the chiminea. A fire pit is usually constructed of raised stone or bricks, some are designed to be constructed on the ground and some come with a stand to elevate the fire to a more convenient level.

Materials Needed

Along with a variety of different styles and designs, the consumer also has a few options when it comes to the material that their outdoor fireplace is made of. Common options include steel, cast iron, cast aluminum, clay, stone and copper. Outdoor fireplaces that are constructed from clay and stainless steel are typically cheaper, but they are also lacking in durability. For an a outdoor fireplace that will stand the test of time, it is recommended that you look into purchasing one that is made from cast iron, cast aluminum or stone.

Size of the Fireplace

The dimensions of the unit as a whole might be important in regard to the place in which you plan to use your outdoor fireplace, but it is especially important to consider the amount of room inside the fireplace where the wood will burn. If you purchase an outdoor fireplace with a small firebox, it will result in more work when it comes to preparing wood for the fire. Try to select an outdoor fireplace that will accommodate the firewood you would find in the average cord.

Before purchasing an outdoor fireplace, it is important to find out if there are any local restrictions against or regulations on the style of outdoor fireplaces you can use. Consider factors like the quality of construction, the design, safety and how often it will be used. Selecting the right outdoor fireplace and using it safely can be a great way to improve the atmosphere of your property. If you have any questions or would like a quote on getting an outdoor fireplace for your home, contact Haley Comfort today!