Electrical Installation, Wiring & Repair

If you are looking for electrical service around the Rochester MN area, then you have come to the right place. Nearly everything in your home functions with electricity, and even with the foundation of professional installation, the electronics in your home are vulnerable to the effects of use, time, and the elements.

The technicians at Haley Comfort can provide you with quality service for a diverse range of electrical needs, including electrical installation in new construction or repairs, upgrades, and maintenance to existing systems. Haley Comfort’s team of qualified and experienced technicians provides timely, professional service, and a thorough walkthrough of what was done at the completion of the project.

Signs your home needs electrical repairs or upgrades:

  • Electrical interruptions
  • Flickering or dimming lights
  • Electrical interruptions with the use of certain appliances
  • Electrical surfaces like switches shock you
  • Warm electrical surfaces (outlets, panels, switches)
  • Rust or other degradation on main service panel
  • No reset buttons on kitchen, bathroom, or basement outlets
  • Two-prong outlets
  • Overloaded outlets
  • Malfunctioning outlets

Electrical issues Haley Comfort technicians can repair:

  • Service panel installation and upgrades
  • Spa and hot tub wiring/hook-up
  • Kitchen/home remodeling
  • Voice and data cabling
  • New home construction wiring
  • Underground wiring for new installation and repair work
  • Bath, heater, and ceiling fans
  • Switch and receptacle add-ons and repairs

As technology changes and the demand for electrical use in the home increases, the safety standards and electrical requirements of certain household items also evolves and needs to be updated to ensure the safety, efficiency, and functioning of the electrical aspects of your home. The average home uses much more electricity today than what was used ten or twenty years ago, and the older electrical systems installed when your home was built may not be designed to accommodate the increase.

Older electrical systems also didn’t have strict safety standards and often used materials that were hazardous like aluminum, outlets that weren’t grounded (two-prong), and materials subject to degradation like cloth. Electrical issues aren’t just an inconvenience, but can also be fire hazards that put you, your family, and your home at risk.

Why choose Haley Confort For Your Electrical Needs?

Haley has an A+ rating, accreditation, and 5 stars reviews with the Better Business Bureau; decades of experience; and a highly skilled team of technicians ready to help you. We understand the importance of your time, are competitively priced, and do our best to work with you to resolve issues.