Fireplace Service

Fireplace Service & Repair in Rochester MN

If you have a fireplace, yearly maintenance is recommended to keep your home safe and energy efficient according to the Chimney Safety Institute (CSI) and Haley is here to help. For wood fireplaces where unseasoned wood is being burned, CSI recommends twice yearly servicing due to larger amounts of creosote buildup. Ensuring that your fireplace is well cleaned, structurally sound, and tested for appropriate carbon monoxide levels (in the case of gas fireplaces) on a yearly basis will ensure that your home is safe.

If your fireplace isn’t functioning correctly or you think something may be wrong, give us a call and we’ll have a NFI-certified emergency technician out to you as soon we can!

Haley Comfort Systems offers fireplace service in the Rochester Minnesota area as well as surrounding suburbs and towns. Our NFI-certified, factory trained technicians are standing by to provide professional installation and maintenance services throughout southern Minnesota and beyond.

Signs that your fireplace needs repairs:

• Fireplace does not heat
• Fireplace heats but then shuts off
• Wall switch doesn’t shut fireplace off
• Smoke comes back into the house
• Unusual sounds come from the fireplace like banging, sputtering, or scratching

Possible fireplace issues:

• Fireplace or chimney needs to be cleaned
• Faulty or damaged thermostat, fan, heating element, thermocouple, or gas valve
• Structural damage to flue, chimney, or firebox
• Deteriorated mortar or brickwork issues

Why choose Haley?
Haley has an A+ rating, accreditation, and 5 stars reviews with the Better Business Bureau; decades of experience; and a highly skilled team of licensed experts and NFI-certified technicians ready to help you. We understand the importance of your time, are competitively priced, and do our best to work with you to resolve issues.