Indoor Air Quality

Enhance Your Indoor Air Quality

Do you have indoor air quality concerns? If you live in Rochester or any of the surrounding areas in Minnesota and parts of Wisconsin, Haley Comfort Systems can help. Our indoor air purification experts know what it takes to promote fresh, healthful air within your home or office.

Experience the benefits of one-stop access to high-quality humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air exchangers, UV lights, contaminant filters, electronic air cleaners, media air cleaners and more from Haley Comfort Systems.

During a thorough inspection of your home or office, we’ll help pinpoint sources of impure air, including moisture, mold and mildew, back-drafting of furnaces, appliances, vehicles and other sources of indoor air contamination.

According to the American Lung Association, 85 percent of American homeowners are not aware that pollution may be worse inside their homes than outdoors. The steps you take to improve your indoor air quality can lead to utility savings as well as long-term health benefits for you and your co-workers or loved ones.